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By Mach
#205313 In the upcoming DLC for Sword and Shield, Dynamax dens will be explorable. I feel as if randomly generated dungeon dimensions would be suitable to this, as it would give the devs total control of the dungeons. However a few new rules are imposed on this dimension, most importantly the player cannot break or place blocks and the player gets kicked out if their entire team is beaten.

To entire these new randomly generated dimensions a den similar to to those found in swsh. You right click them and are presented with info on the dungeon, with a silluette of the final mon and types of wild mon to be found inside. As well as the star rating (1-5) which effects the length of the dungeon and level of opposing pokemon.

Here the random generation comes in, where a lot can be drawn from mystery dungeon. There should be a verity of pre generated rooms, which can randomly paired with aggressive pokemon. Leading to a large boss chamber where you battle a large dynamax mon.

These new dungeons come with a lot of challange so the rewards should match it. Besides loot the first reward a player receives for beating these dungeons is the dynamax band, which allows the players to dynamax their own mon while in available areas.

P.S. this same concept of a dungeon mini-dimension could be used for an Elite 4 sub dimension where a full badge case acts as a portal.
By Waldie
#206206 I like this idea, it would also prevent the lag a dynamaxed pokemon would most likely cause