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Lessening RNG

PostPosted: 21 May 2020 19:06
by Mach
One of pixelmon's largest issues is the overuse of RNG(Random number generation). This is a large issue as it dictates most aspects of late game progression (Z crystals, Mega stones, many evolutionary items, etc) This harms the gameplay as there is no roadmap to the goal just the goal itself. For instance to get most items in the Pokemon games, the road map is usually go to X place and Solve Y puzzle (or beat Y trainer) to get Z item. However in Pixelmon none of the road map is set. Mega stones are required to go outside, beat randomly spawning mega boss to get boss stone and random stone. This leads to a lack of investment in gaining the items due to the extreme odds against them and there isn't really a way to lessen said odds. Z crystals however are a bit more straight forward go to X dimension and search for Y ultra ball and get random Z crystal. The issue of both of these is the massive odds against the player attempting to get a specific item. I feel as if the method for each item was further staggered and made more specific. Possibly upping the amounts of crafting recipes (Abilities to toggle them in config) for evolutionary items, making mega stones a process to get through building the ultimate weapon from X and Y, which turns random blocks in a radius into minable mega block, which gives shards which could be crafted into different stones with items.

Re: Lessening RNG

PostPosted: 22 May 2020 04:17
by SKy2008
The main issue with making aspects less RNG heavy is that we have to work with an open world. Minecraft doesn't have a linear story we could follow and lay out items on. A procedurally generated world even makes it hard to rely on specific places or structures. Locking items behind quest NPCs that may or may not spawn - or spawn in some back corner you don't think to look by chance - is little better than the current Mega Boss mechanic for example.
We are looking to make mechanics more predictable, for example moving more and more Legendaries to their own events/mini quests. However, most of these will always maintain a certain level of RNG (like with structure spawn locations) due to the nature of Minecraft and procedural world generation. The only way to completely avoid this would be player-built adventure maps/server worlds.

Lessening RNG

PostPosted: 24 May 2020 14:13
by Mach
Could you not create item structure trackers with maps similar to the mansion map in vanilla? thus creating incentive to explore while making it more predictable?