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By Mach
#204985 Is there a possibility for these 2 late Gen 7 forms be added to the mod? I suggest this feature as Eevee and Pikachu are among the most popular mon in the series and the special partner form makes them both usable without the need for evolution. These would also be rather easy to add (forgoing the accessory feature), as they only have individualized moves and stat changes (I think) that make them rather fun to use. These could be accessible from the starter menu or given by an NPC, both would be rather easy to add to the game.

P.S. If I may make a personal request of the mod, would it be possible to break game-cannon in order to give Flareon access to blazing kick or fire lash, as he only has access to flare blitz and fire fang neither of which are always preferable (and swap its speed and sp. attack but this is just ignorable wishful thinking)?
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By SKy2008
#204986 Partner Pikachu/Eevee are planned iirc.

We will however keep battle mechanics as they are in the original games, including move sets. Any changes would only confuse players.