By Dkong64
#204872 A News feed would be really nice to have so we know what is going on with development & whatever else. Also, release dates & recommended forge versions for the changelog would be useful (especially for past versions).
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By SKy2008
#204874 Past versions are listed with their recommended Forge builds already. You can find them in the "Changelog" and "Archived Versions" sections on

We did upcoming features lists and release dates in the past (during the original Pixelmon) but ended up deciding against it because it did more harm than good. For one, the team creates the mod in their free time, so IRL things can drastically change the development schedule on a moment's notice. Having to make a set release date despite that only unnecessarily stressed out the team - and even if the community as a whole is understanding, some individuals manage to sour it for everyone. Plus we don't like disappointing our players. Same goes for pre-realease patch notes. We can't guarantee all the features will make in time, so we'd rather not bind us to it.
Also it's nice to surprise the community with new features.
By Dkong64
#204875 Idk how I missed the forge versions lol.

What I meant with the release dates was when each version was released like what date 6.0 came out, etc. to be added to the changelog.