By Kathana
#204869 Since you base the mod off the games, Pokemon Go has released the Kanto starters as well as pikachu clones. They are now officially part of mainstream games. I think it would be awesome to be able to clone the final stage of the starters as well as Pikachu to get their clone skin. They are iconic to the Pokemon Universe already and now they have been introduced to the games.
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By Yeremyahu
#204870 You can already do this if you're willing to make a custom texture for it.
By Kathana
#204871 Wouldn’t it require coding since the cloning machine only recognizes Mew?
To clone them it would take machine coding and not just a texture I thought
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By SKy2008
#204873 Yeah, making them clone-able would require a custom sidemod.
Just adding the textures can be done with a custom resource pack: ... m_textures

I believe something in that direction is planned, I don't know the details though.