By Blazer312
#204622 The title kinda said it all. When I first saw stuff for S&S, before gamefreak ruined all my hopes and dreams, I figured "Well, actual France is right next to the actual UK, so why not have Galar be right next to Kalos? And if that's the case, I bet we'll finally get new megas!" As we now know, more than half the roster got Thanos snapped, and we got Dynamax and Gigantamax instead of mega's (Which we know 100% are getting removed in the next games). But tearing ourselves away from my salt induced rage, those Gigantamax forms are pretty dope. And Pixelmon might have a hard time integrating both Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing and Mega Evolution. So my suggestion is to use the forms caused by Gigantamaxing (Ignoring the ones that not fully evolved pokemon can do) as Megas, to ease the integration.
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By SKy2008
#204626 We'll stick to the mechanics from the official games as closely as we can, especially in regards to combat. Dyna/Gigantamax will be implemented as their own thing.