By brainzshake
#204580 it will be cool if you guys can add digimons to this mod.
example of evolution: agumon can digivolve to greymon then digivolve to metalgreymon.
to digivolve to wargreymon you need a mega stone to mega evolve it and for omegamon. you need to use a dna splicer to fuse metalgreymon with weregarurum to get omegamon.
you can only mega evolve one pokemon/digimon in battle.
you can only have one fusion pokemon/digimon in party. example cant have omegamon with black kyurem.
examples of moves: digimon can carry 5-6 moves. 1-2 signature move and 4 pokemon moves. some digimon can carry 2 signature move

those are my ideas for digimons
i know there is mod of a mod out there on youtube, but i want to see you guys could add digimons for pixelmon officially.
I don't know i'm allowed to post this. please forgive me if i break any rules. sorry about my english.

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By HiddenKid618
#204585 I have to say, That this may not be a good idea as nintendo did shutdown the original pixelmon mod for using their assets i dont think the creator would do that to add digimons to the mod.
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By XpanD
#204588 The two franchises have completely separate mechanics, and cover separate universes. If something like this were to be done, it'd probably fit best in a separate mod made specifically for Digimon. (like the one you found before)