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By BenJ14
#204328 I had this idea where Pokémon typings in Pixelmon can be useful for certain elemental things outside of battle.
So it goes like this: You're in the Nether dimension, and you want to walk across the lava ocean to get to the Nether Fortress, but obviously you can't. What would you use? A Pokémon like Groudon, or other Fire-types, etc.
What I was thinking is certain elements in Minecraft would give Pokémon an advantage or disadvantage based on their typing.
Here's a list for it:
-Grass-type Pokémon can be healed from swimming in water
-Water-type Pokémon shouldn't drain in water, because obviously. Water-types can also walk on lava, by turning them into stone or obsidian.
-Flying and Water-types take more damage from lightning than other Pokémon types.
-Fire-type Pokémon can be used for swimming in lava, but not in the lava unless you have a fire resistance effect. However, you can't use them to swim in water, it hurts them like it's lava to them.
-Electric-type Pokémon shouldn't be hurt by lightning or their own. In addition, when an Electric-type Pokémon swims in water, any Pokémon in the water nearby will be electrocuted.
-Grass, Ground, Water and Rock-types are immune to being suffocated from Sand, Gravel, any falling block.
-Poison-types can be healed with Splash Potions of Poison.
-Dragon, Grass, Ground and Flying-types take damage from walking in snow, I guess they're fine on ice though.

I think this would be a great suggestion to add for Pixelmon, it makes it more interesting and fun! I know not all of my suggestions would be added, but it's nice some of them will be! If you guys have suggestions for Pokémon Typing Elements outside of battle that I missed, please let me know and I'll add them to the list!