By FusionOfTheAces
#204319 So this would be a pretty big undertaking and to be honest I am not sure how it would work entirely but I would like to suggest appealing to the multiple angles of the pokemon fandom and adding Pokemon Contests into the mod! by making pre-generated Contest halls appear throughout the world like the Gyms and Pokemon Centers and just like the Gyms you could have a different one for each Contest Stat. Beauty, Cool, Cute, Tough and Clever with NPC Judges to judges the moves you make. you could compete against other randomly generated NPCs or Other players! (on servers they can make their own contest halls)

but the reason that I was lead to ask about this feature was, more importantly, the lack of any ribbons in general in this mod, in the game Ribbons are individual achievements your pokemon earn for having mighty triumphs and accomplishing something special. I suggest adding them to the game in the form of a hold item that doesn't do much other than sitting there just like the badges. you could even add Ribbon cases that act just like the badge case but I think this feat would add to the mod in great ways not just for single player experience, but for a great multiplayer one too on servers.

thank you for taking the time to read this!