By zork1239
#204296 Hiii im working on making a story mode for a server. it would be nice to see some serious overhauls of NPC's like having them have quests like catch something or bring them a item. NPC's with paths (maybe something like they follow string back and forth).

Better ways to switch NPC skins. drop a file or just have more options for skins. there are so many well done pokemon themed skins out there.

NPC text overhaul with more lines for text and more after battle text (after beating someone they have more then 1 line of text)

and NPC's that vanish after being beat or talked to (only for the player talking or battling)

Blocks: it would be nice to see more block wise, maybe a laturn block, a better bush block, and some more decorative blocks like wallpaper blocks and lab blocks ect ect.

Furniture: can we get some more furniture? if not thats fine but i feel like we need more for things like labs, houses and bases stuff like poke-plushes, bookshelfs, computers, evil team banners. stuff like this will really help bring the world to life.

last thing can we also get a feature in the poke chisel to have pokemon do their animations while being a statue.

I know this is a lot and ik how hard you guys work thank you guys for working so hard btw. i hope this can be added some day and people can truly bring the games to the mod i felt like NPC's were a big part of servers and creating servers.

thank you - Zork(simoniac)