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By flyteofheart
#204186 One of many reasons this mod is hard to play in vanilla singleplayer is it actively removes vanilla features that are vital for an endgame player.

Major Examples-
Villager trading
Iron farms
mob farms

Just in general it feels like a step back to install pixelmon. Especially without one of those often pay2win servers that use plugins to create block shops with pixelmon currency.

And those are just the vanilla features removed- there are SO many cool ideas to use pixelmon to increase quality of life

I think the devs should consider more integration and replacement of vanilla actual minecraft features using the pixelmon. You have almost 1000 pixelmon and both no incentive to fill the dex and little incentive to catch most of them for any reason since they arent good competitively.


A level 100 Alakazam or another rare psychic like Musharna or Elgyem might produce a tier 3 enchanted book at an enchanting table

A Sunflora in a ranch block might plant and harvest on farmland

Camerupt is a volcano mon and it would be cool if it produced lava

Id love a way to get glass and bookshelves infinitely. a hot fire type like magcargo that is apparently hotter than the sun could be convinced to slime over some sand and turn it to glass

Things that ease the need to mine for hours (in a world where pixelmon even make getting haste beacons near impossible) are desperately needed. Im tired of branch mining in this game iv been mining in for 10 years to get iron for pokeballs. a pixelmon that can turn stone to iron ore, perhaps a magneton attracting the iron? Or a Electrode creating ball bases somehow! On a server this is often mitigated with graveler spawners that produce bauxite ore, but vanilla players and servers have no recourse. Please remember not all of us play those.

Larvitar supposedly eats mountains, why not give Tyranitar a power similar to Rod of the Terra Firma from Botania that flattens terrain in a radius around the player! this is sooooo handy for building projects and long term server life for your endgame players.

While copying Botania features, I can see certain pixelmon having abilities like the Horn of the Wild and Horn of Canopy that breaks leaves and grass respectively. It helps players clear land and play!

Marowak throwing bones and dropping them on the ground sounds like a great way to replace the necessary skele farm.

In general its a painful chore to actually play minecraft inside of pixelmon... please help. Pixelmon doesnt need to be so seperated from minecraft. It feels like it kills the base games endgame and then doesnt have any internal goals either.
By CritsAreFair
#204189 Camerupt actually does produce lava, right click its humps with an empty bucket.

I agree more little interactions like this would be really cool, however.