By DeltaEmerald
#204014 I was sent here so I wouldn't have to post a wall of text on discord that would get scrolled over immediately.
I have a few suggestions for the mod.
I'll start with my idea for ultra space.
Add a config option so people can choose if they actually want to fly upward about 1000 blocks whenever they use an elytra or ride a pokemon. Personally, I think it should be the default, but a on/off switch would be nice atleast.
Next will be concerning some config options related to ditto breeding.
When you breed two dittos together, you can get a ultra beast now. If at all possible, add a config option for this to be turned off. Type:Null should have a separate option imo, though the same option is still ok.
And lastly, I know I've been asking a hell of a lot, but would it be possible to have a way to color pokemon nicknames without installing a sidemod that doesn't exist yet? Kinda like what pixelradar does with it's broken nonworking buttons.
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By XpanD
#204015 Thanks for the suggestions.

Flying upwards is getting some changes, so stay tuned for those!

Not sure what the plans are for Ditto breeding. However, there is a community plugin in the server owners Discord that disables that, I believe. It should be accessible by outside mods, for those who want it gone.

Nickname coloring was a part of Pixelmon Extras before, but was removed due to being broken. I think the idea was for it to come back in a much-improved manner. With a bit of luck we'll see that fixed, soon.