By Virant
#203754 I believe a overhaul to most of the gui would be nice/needed the gui looks really bland sometimes now granted its suppose to look more like minecraft's gui for most things but It can be kinda too bland and maybe just small touch ups would be nice in some places (like the battle gui) to make it seem a little less boring and I believe being able to see your pokemon's gender, held item, something like that can indicate how many clones or gems are left from them from the summery itself cause if your forgetful and forget what items you gave your pokemon that are in ranch and don't want to have to take them out to see if it is what you wanted them to have and a search bar for the pc would be great
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By XpanD
#203755 I believe all of this was planned, though I'm not sure on an ETA -- we've had prototype GUIs floating around for a while.

If I can add on to the suggestion, being able to see which stats are boosted/cut in a battle would be nice, along with gen 7's effectiveness reveal on Pokémon you've already encountered.