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By Detchy
#198293 I just noticed this recently, but there are no gender differences in Pixelmon :-o

I know some of the changes are only small, but some are vital, such as Hippowdon being black when female.

It would be great if in the future this was added to both textures, (small change in model if the difference is that), and the sprites of the Pokemon that have gender differences.

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By MrVioletRose
#198300 While a good idea adding the gender differences would heavily effect the number of different models the mod would need to have coded. Not to mention the amount of work that would need to be put into the mod while they are still working on updating and finishing every Pokemon up to gen 6.
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By Rasgnarok
#198348 If someone volunteers to do them, I do not see why not. But currently, limited manpower.
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By XpanD
#206284 The smallest differences generally get skipped -- they bloat out filesize without adding much. Something iconic like that may still be on the table, though. Just not a priority at the moment.