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By Rasgnarok
Welcome to Pixelmon's Suggestion Forums!

Please follow the guidelines below when posting a new feature request. These guidelines are in place to help keep the feature requests organized and relevant. Failure to follow these guidelines will have your request removed without notice. This section is not for bugs or support. Please visit our Tracker to report bugs you have found or for support with Pixelmon.

Rules and Guidelines
  • Before making a request, ensure your concept is not in the list of blacklisted requests, or has not been suggested before.
  • If your request is related to Pixelmon development (API changes, code, nbt, etc.), please use our Development Discussion forum.
  • If your request is related to a bug or issue in the current version of pixelmon, please use our Tracker.
  • Do not submit sprites, textures, sounds and other assets here. Please use our Assets section for this.
  • Don't make request for any Pokémon to be created, updated, or animated. Visit the Modelling section to follow progress and get more information.
  • Ensure your information is accurate and current to the latest version of Pixelmon. If necessary, refer to the Pixelmon Wiki for information before posting.
  • When creating your thread, limit yourself to one suggestion at a time. Multiple suggestions should be broken up into multiple threads for easy discussion.
  • Use descriptive titles that reflect the content of the thread and provide as much information as possible about your suggestion. If you have pictures or images that will help convey your meaning, use them!
  • The more people who show interest in your suggestion, the greater chances are that it will be accepted. On the other hand, bumping an inactive suggestion of yours will only hurt your chances.
  • The Pixelmon Admin/Dev teams have the final say on what they choose to implement. If declined, the topic will be locked.
  • If your suggestion is approved, it will be marked with [Planned]. After being added to the mod, they will be marked with [Completed], and the topic locked. [In-Progress] will be placed once the idea has moved into completion stages.
  • Tagged posts will be moved into the 'Archive' section so they are easier to find once reviewed by the Pixelmon Team.
  • When responding to posts, be respectful to the creator. If you disagree with an idea, provide a reason as to why.
  • If you have any questions about suggesting a feature, please reach out to our Discord for help.

[Blacklist] Do not request for:
  • New Pokémon to be added. See the FAQ for an answer.
  • New Pokémon to be re-modeled or re-animated. See the FAQ for an answer.
  • Bringing back old features. This includes recipes, mechanics and even old MC versions. Progress is forward, folks.
  • Updating the Pixelmon mod and its Sidemods to X version. See the FAQ for an answer.
  • Making a Pocket or Windows 10 edition. Both projects are not currently underway for developmental reasons, including inadequate environments.
  • Suggestions of features already added. Seems like a no brainer, but please check our Wiki for your idea before posting - a lot of stuff is already there.

With that said, we look forward to seeing all your awesome suggestions!