By GlucioGlutek
#197635 Hi everyone! I am suggesting a feature about a new move that every pokemon has without teaching them . The new move is move dodge where pokemons can dodge the attacks and not get hurt . So , if your pokemon has moves like thunder . thunder bolt , thunder wave , thunder shock it DOESN'T have to be those moves it can be any except from moves that take time to store energy like move fly or solar beam . So if u have 4 moves on your pokes it will be Dodge and Thunderbolt , dodge and thunder wave .
Or after 15 seconds your opponent used a move and u didn't you will get hurt and wont be able to use a move cause you were to late . You can also do with move protect ,
it will be Protect and use thunder bolt or any move that cause damage . I want this move to be added cause than if u use move protect than u wont get hurt and your opponent wont so like nothing happened :-/ . I hope u will add this idea it will make battles better :-) :-D