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By Riddik
#197553 I know that Regigigas already has a method of spawning but to me it seems a bit to easy to obtain as it is the Best form of the 4 Regi's and spawns the same was as the other 3. I feel that this is Pokemon should be much harder to obtain. In the Pokemon games it take a lot of nonsense to obtain Regigigas as you have to go through multiple tasks in a specific order to even get it to spawn. I would like to suggest one of two conditions for it to spawn. Both ideas would need you to have obtained all 3 of the other Regi's beforehand. The first one is where you simply have the 3 Regi's in your Party slot and use it on a shrine [or something like that, I know the shrine idea gets mentioned a lot to] to spawn it. The second idea is that you have to sacrifice the 3 Regi's from your party to obtain Regigias. The second one is my favored idea as in Pixelmon you can obtain more Regirock's, Registeel's and Regice's but in the game you can only get one of each so losing them 3 Pokemon to get Regigigas is not that bad as you can get them to spawn again.

Thank you for taking the to read this.
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By tridaak
#197560 It's like that for a lot of legendaries. In the games, you have to complete a series of tasks (or be pretty close to completing the game) to start getting the legendaries, however in pixelmon even a person who just started playing can spawn a legendary. And some legendaries, such as deoxys, require the player to have caught a different legendary prior.

I don't really have much against the idea of having a shrine other than, this would add too many structures onto pixelmon. Being able to sacrifice pokemon to get a legendary could result in problems for any server that gives (or spawns) legendaries through a quest line, unless it's toggable.
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By SKy2008
#197562 The general plan is to have individual spawn/summon conditions for all legendaries, similar to the bird shrines (well, apart from the roaming ones like the dog trio probably). The current system is mostly to make them accessible at all until then. These spawn methods aren't very high on the priority list however. Other features like new Pokémon, gyms or other general gameplay features are a bit more important, so it might take some time until they are going to be worked on.

That being said, most of them aren't fully fleshed out yet, as far as I know. So it's always nice to have creative input from the community - be it concepts, structures or an analysis of the balancing of such ideas.