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By smashbro596
#197455 Ok. there's the usual kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, unova, and kalos starters. and we have the ability to change the starters. i'd actually like the ability to add in slots, to keep the original starters and add in things like pikachu or eevee. just things like that.

doesn't need to be implemented. just a thought.
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By tridaak
#197576 :/ What... It's a good idea but when the person starts out, there are only so many slots that can be displayed on screen. Only problem with this idea is what would happen if a player were to increase the max number to lets say something like 90 slots.
Think pixelmon should in the future (because they'll probably need to address this issue as more and more generations get added in) allow for pagination of the starter list. That way more pokemon could be added without making all the buttons super small.