By DJP214
#197373 I would like to suggest a new feature that I would think would be really cool! My suggestion is that instead of having pokemon have just one shiny model, make them have random color schemes! For example. Instead of having just a blue and red gyrados, have a random chance of spawning a yellow or orange gyrados! I think that if this feature is added it will add diversity too the game. Just imagine hunting for a dratini and instead of finding a pink or blue one, finding a red one! I have included some pictures for example

Instead of regular old shiny absol
you can get a black absol!
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By Chesnaught
#197438 I've always liked the idea of another shiny coloration, maybe make it rarer than the average shiny Pokemon, like instead of blue shiny bisharp, yellow ultra shiny bisharp.
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By tridaak
#197439 Doesn't represent pokemon games and for every additional shiny version, there needs to be another spawn rule (1/x spawn) and however many pokemon there are of additional textures.
I do think it's a neat idea and seen it in online pokemon games, but it's a lotta work for something that isn't needed.