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By azh2002ar
#197308 every time in servers or singleplayer its become hard to get money . so i suggest to add more items to sell it to shopkeeper with hight prise,like nugget that can be brop from steel/rock pokemons ,or can be crafted by 4 gold nuggets. item 2: star piece and star dusymt can be drop like nugget. and pearl and big pearl : big pearl is high than pearl and can be crafted with 4 or 9 pearls , pearl can be drop from w
ater pokemon like clampel ... and pearl can be use to get Pearl Orb to spawn Pailkia (like my last suggestion)
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By tridaak
#197329 ... Items.json
Prices were dropped recently due to it becoming too easy to make money on servers, adding items that are easily craftable and sold for a high value would kinda ruin this. If the server thinks their players are having too hard of a time making money, they can edit the json to make it easier.