By ShadowRevenge
#197020 Hey, isn't this annoying:
You know what I see here? I see an Umbreon the size of a player, a Charmeleon, around 1.5 blocks high that will evolve into 2 blocks high Charizard, a 0.5-0.7 blocks high Wartortle, witch will evolve into 2-2.5 blocks high Blastoise, and if you look closely between the hind legs of the Umbreon you will see an Ivysaur, probably 0.1 blocks high, thet will evolve max in 1 block high Venusaur. I suggest that this is fixed I don't need to ride a Charizard maximum the size of me *cough* animal abuse *cough*. I know that there should be difference between the size of the Pokemon, but not that drastic! BTW when Pokemon evolve they teleport in the player's legs and he isn't able to see the beautiful evolution process! :-D