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By smashbro596
#196760 in the mod, you put mew in a cloning machine to get mewtwo.
but... what if... we could use the cloning machine to gain pokemon with the clone texture?
put a member of the following evolutionary families in the cloner:
Bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, or pikachu into the clone machine in place of mew.
you will get the base form (though pikachu will only produce pikachutwo) of whatever you put in, with clone defects!
the defects are simply a texture change, but it would help add some varity and roleplay elements in. though i will say: pikachutwo will have slurred speech. and to make up for the fact that it can't evolve, slightly higher stats than a normal pikachu.

while we're at it: mewtwos armor from the first movie could be given to mewtwo as a held item. the effects are: lower attack/special attack and speed while increasing the defense/special defense and giving mewtwo a new look with a more robotic voice in response to being in the armor.
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By tridaak
#196765 Considering how many pokemon there are... way too much work. For a feature that wouldn't be used that much nor would it be consistent with the pokemon games.

I do like the mewtwo armor idea... but also not consistent with the games.
By Julio229
#196855 I like it, it would be a good way to have more special textures as an easter egg of sorts! I don't think things like that are a priority but it is cool nonetheless.
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By azh2002ar
#196893 iys good idea and syupid in the same time . but if pixelmon team wants to make thid idea itwill take so much time and very hard work
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By smashbro596
#196934 i didn't expect something like this as high priority anyway. but, i see the devs are no stranger to custom textures/models.
(that aren't shiny)
so maybe one day we could see clone textures for each of the kanto starters and pikachu.
other anime-exclusive textures wouldn't hurt either. i mean, they already have weird textures not from the game.
bring out the pinkmon! the pink butterfree! and other things....