By jujubinks
#193624 Hey there, so the feature I'm trying to suggest today is in the Pokemon Editor GUI, while editing a player's (yours or another player's) Pokemon, there is an option to set EVs >255 or set the stats directly. (This idea is rather similar to PKHeX, but that's kind of what the Editor is.) The option could maybe have the title of "Hacked Stats", and you would just have to check it to continue setting EVs>255 each or just setting the stats of your Pokemon directly. You should also be able to change things such as the PP UP level, so that way moves have more PP.
What purpose does this serve?: It would implement the Hackmon tier into Pixelmon, which a few friends of mine have wanted for quite a while, but being capped at 510 total EV points does not allow that tier to happen.
It would also allow further testing / experimentation. What I mean by this is if I'm just wanting to try out a Pokemon with certain stats, I can set it to those certain stats immediately by just clicking the option in the Pokemon Editor GUI to do so.

The only reason I ask for this, is it is a minor feature, but that said it would still mean a great deal to me if it was implemented.
Yes, I have tested this, you can TECHNICALLY set EVs for a stat >255, but the moment you click OK it makes it normal again.
Thank you for reading.

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By MrMasochism
#193750 You can bump it once a day for as long as you want but that won't necessarily get any more response for it. I read it when you first posted but as I was busy on other things I just left it as it isn't of any interest to me
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By Rasgnarok
#193942 Some things are hard-coded in, and that's one of them. I don't see why users would want hackmons, as they could unbalance the game pretty easily. Not to mention that throws off most competitive battling, or gyms that you see in servers.
By jujubinks
#194141 Actually, the purpose of hackmons is (as you know) a whole different tier. I'm aware that it throws off genuine competition, but I thought I'd at least try to put the idea out there, as an option. To be fair, if you're using a Pokemon Editor while doing genuinely competitive stuff, there's something wrong there, I just meant it as something (I didn't think) that wouldn't be too difficult to add, and its just another option out there.
I personally do nothing besides having fun and testing, and playing with friends on our server and once again, just messing around, and we thought it was a bit lame that there was no form of implementation of the Hackmons tier, so we though it'd be really cool just to see it as an option, once again I don't think it would have too bad of an effect on the competitive scene, as a lot of the official servers would not abuse the existence of this option, it would just enable some people to have more freedom with their team in Single Player, or like I do, with friends.