By Lacarnum
#193465 I saw that there is a model for Giratina currently in progres so i have an idea for spawn area for this pokemon.
Because Giratina lives in different dimention it would be awersome if in Pixelmon it would spawn in Nether as it is a different world.

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By SKy2008
#193468 Pixelmon always attempts to keep everything accessible from the overworld. All Nether and End items are accessible via Pokémon drops (or will be once the devs have time to update them - currently all 1.8 items are) and those dimensions don't have any spawns so it's unnecessary to visit them at all. Using them for a single Pokémon - as popular as it might be - would be a bit much... It could just as well be summoned from its dimension at some kind of shrine like in the original games...