By Gormint
#193424 I think it would be interesting to have some Pokémon spawning in/near a naturally spawning structure instead of a certain biome.
For example:
Have jirachi spawning near desert wells (since it's a wish Pokémon... and wishing wells....), Or rotom (whenever it is added) in the haunted manor of 1.11, etc.

It would also give u an excuse to add new naturally spawning structures.
I hope you like this suggestion, what are your thoughts?

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By SKy2008
#193428 I have thought about it for a bit and think it would be nice to have some Pokémon spawn close to certain blocks. Not sure if it would be possible to implement though...

The way I imagine it for every block of a certain type there's a tiny chance to spawn certain Pokémon (something that amounts to maybe 0.5% per minute per block). That way you could find more logical spawns for Pokémon that don't really fit in the wild. For example the Klink family can spawn off of Pistons, Pressure Plates, Mechanical Anvils and the likes (moving mechanical blocks for gears); Unowns would spawn off of Chiseled Stone Bricks and Sand Stone as well as Temple Blocks; Porygon has a chance to spawn next to PCs, Trading Machines and Ranch Blocks and maybe Fossil Machines (aka all machines that use digital technology); some Electric Pokémon may spawn from active redstone and so on...
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By MrMasochism
#193665 It would have to be done the other way around. Ticking around blocks is pretty heavy on the resources. Not too easy to implement but i'll have a think about it