By Quentin1327
#193404 Hello,
Im sorry for my bad english but im french;

I've got an idea for the pokedex, can you add an option for see all Pokémon location on the map ? Like the "area" in the "real" pokedex.

And i've got a 2nd idea, add random gym with random leader, and if we win, we get a badge(idk how to translate it in english) and some CT, And when we have 8 badges we can battle a League (This last be in a new dimension only accessible by a portal or something like this)

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By Althenias
#194433 I agree with the original poster, maybe not a nap because in minecraft that would be very hard to do, but just list its possible biomes.

Also the pokemon should get added into your pokedex when you battle it, not just capture it, but just like the games it won't count towards your total completion, and won't give any further information except name and location until captured.