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By Raptorhunter98
#192928 For people hosting adventure servers, these two NPC types would be really helpful :P

Pokemon Giving NPC/Pokeball: Something along the lines of in gen 2 the professor allowed you to choose the Pokeball off the table with a starter
and in some cases like in HG/SS you could talk to Steven in the post game to get another starter, so just allowing an NPC to give pokes without trading

Item Giving NPC: Just like in the games you could set it to where certain NPC's could say a few lines then give the player an item
such as the professors assistant in gen 2 giving you potions near the start of the game.

Also a few other NPC related thing I think should be added:
  • Adding more movement features to both Trainers and Chatting NPCS ((Walk in line/patrol back and forth
  • Custom skins for chatting NPC's/All NPC's in general

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By MrMasochism
#193658 they can be done fairly easily through custom npcs. We could add a very simple script-running npc but it's not a big priority