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By ricky2000
#192385 Hi,

I am looking quite hard for a possibility to spawn a random trainer with random pokémons with a specific level (range). It would be nice if you could add a command like:



/despawntrainer [trainerID]

When you despawn the trainer the ID gets available again.

This way we can make things like battle frontiers with a fully automated random trainer spawn mechanic! Please consider this!

Is there any way I can achieve this right now without a command like this?

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By ricky2000
#192994 I would like to try and make this sideMod. I just learned how to set up your environment for making MC mods with Forge. (I can code already but never did anything with Minecraft) Where would I start learning how to create a Pixelmon sideMod? Can you give me any directions? How can I access the methods and classes from the Pixelmon mod? Thanks! :)