#191524 1.11 came out with a bunch of new features, but take a look at which ones would really impact Pixelmon:
    Llamas that will be replaced by Pokemon
    If the inhabitants of woodland mansions even still generate with a mod update, they'd despawn in peaceful mode anyway
    Cursed enchantments won't affect that many players because there isn't too much that can kill them
    There aren't even vanilla villagers to trade with in Pixelmon, so the catagropher is out of luck
    Since observer blocks were nerfed in the snapshots, they don't have too much to offer
    Shulker boxes (i.e. "backpacks") were added

Basically, the only important new feature added in 1.11 that can really relate to Pixelmon is shulker boxes. Pixelmon's focus is not on The End, however, meaning that getting shulker boxes is basically a huge side quest. With many more items than in Vanilla Minecraft, "backpacks" are all the more handy. (I don't know if shuklers actually generate in the current Pixelmon beta, but even so...)

My idea is to add an equivalent to shulker boxes into Pixelmon, and to have it stick around through future updates. If backpacks are the only big thing we all want to Pixelmon, it would be easier to simply add them in without updating the entire mod to a new version. And under the circumstances, such a move could be a reasonable long-term feature as well.

Please let me know what you think of this suggestion. Make sure to look through the discussion as to avoid posting anything redundant.


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By Some Body
#191525 This quickly becomes unviable as it is wasted effort for when we do update to 1.11.
#191526 Right. That's why I updated my post to try to spike that argument. Sorry the sloppy process I used to get this up.
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By Some Body
#191527 Regardless, focusing on a completely unrelated topic to Pixelmon is wasted effort. It may as well be another mod completely instead of being tied to Pixelmon.
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By pixelmonplayer42
#194808 You can implement a storage system where you hold an item to access your storage with command blocks. Teleport a chest minecart to the player's head when they are holding the item, so pressing "Use" will open the chest minecart GUI.