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By Quartzmonk
#190923 Hello, and thank you to anybody who ends up giving this a read.

I've been working with Pixelmon for a while now, and truthfully with everything that has been added so far I feel like almost everything we could possibly want has already been put in. Only one major thing really sticks out as being a small bit of trouble: No Bag Tabs.

In the base Pokemon games, when you open your bag you have several tabs. I dont have them all memorized but generally it goes something like this: medicine tab, pokeball tab, key items tab, tm/hm tab, mail tab, ect.

I think Pixelmon could make good use of a similar system. In addition to the pixelmon tabs the first tab would likely well serve as being the "Base Minecraft" tab where building blocks and other basic in game things get stored. This way you could keep a lot more items of significant value to you on your person.

This would be particularly valuable as servers large and small update for new builds. You can port the player data up even when the world must be started over. this way as you update people can keep more of the items they've worked hard to gain (In particular TM's and HM's)

Thanks again for hearing me out. looking forward to what we see in the future. You Dev guys are the best. I hope you all have an outstanding holiday season.

*** P.S. - Sorry for getting this in the wrong forum section before. I found a direct link to the suggest a feature section in discord so reposted in the proper place ***

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By pixelmonplayer42
#194809 This seems like a good idea. I think the tabs should only show up if you have any items that would go in the tab. So if you have no TMs or HMs, the TM/HM tab doesn't show up.