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By Geodude671
#189253 ...with all-caps titles that say, "DON'T ASK FOR POKEMON TO BE ADDED TO THE MOD." With this forum, General Discussion, and Development Discussion each getting multiple posts per day saying "pls put dedenne/hawlucha/alolan exeggutor in da mod pls," this feels appropriate.

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By SKy2008
#189261 Sadly those would most likely still be ignored or people would start complaining why we're such a-holes who don't allow new Pokémon in the mod... I mean we do have a sticky rule post in this forum, but people still don't bother to read them - or see locked "add this-or-that" topics and assume their part...
I guess it's just a burden we'll have to live with.
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By SnowBlitzz
#189306 It's inevitable to have those kinds of people in a community xD most likely too young to understand that modeling and animating takes a lot of time and effort - as such, I don't think they would be prepared enough to even read the rules/sticky posts before posting.