By FrostWarlock
#189056 I am an avid player (gamer?) of Pixelmon, and I really like this mod, so I usually check the website for new versions, and have been researching deeply into it. As far as I can see, there is no website page for Ideas and Stuff that have been confirmed to come, but may not come in the next update or in a few updates. I know from browsing that attack animations and specific legendary spawning are going to be featured, but people may not know that and may resubmit these ideas again. If there is already a webpage for this, please give me a URL. However, although there is a webpage for the next update, there's nothing (so far) that tells me confirmed features that will be coming. :ninja:

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By SKy2008
#189058 Attack animations aren't confirmed yet and specific legendary spawns are a general goal, but the exact plans aren't set in stone yet.

People are highly encouraged to use the search function before posting a suggestion - along with reading the rules. But sadly most don't seem to do either and there's no (practical) way to force them to... There used to be a post dedicated to listing confirmed/planned suggestions, but it seems to have vanished after it became inactive for a while...
I'm not seeing all that many duplicate suggestions though - the main concern are people asking for Pokémon/current Gen features to be added...