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By WobbuffetWynaut
#188898 Could the Poketch (from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) be added to Pixelmon as a sidemod..? Or just to the mod?
It could have all the same apps as the ones in the games.
Digital Watch shows Minecraft time.
Berry Searcher could find berries (If the berry plants are ever added)
Counter shows the number of blocks you've watched
And.. you know what I'm saying :P
The rest of the apps do what they do.
This would be really useful to people. :)

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By WobbuffetWynaut
#188929 :/
Is the Poketch possible to make in Pixelmon? It sounds hard, but there probably is a way :P
By MrRowTheBoat
#188996 I reckon it's possible, maybe i'll make it myself for the public as a side mod!

How did you propose it might work?

Not to mention there's not really much use from one is there?
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By Pokenerd8
#189006 as much as i want everything from the games into pixelmon this is one of those features i'm not sure would work very well. as part of the tech was for you to connect with your pokemon and helpful stats, most of which you can see in your pokemon stats menu and if you have the plugin for it most run evs and ivs. also the little apps like a calculator or clock rather pointless when you're running pixelmon on your computer and already have access to a calculator/clock built in. might be able to get away with the coin toss app but not enough reason to add it.

another thing is the ranch app which showed your pokemon at the daycare and showed if they had an egg or if i remember correctly if they were compatible. not sure if pixelmon could do that or not if added. then theres the drawing app which i'm not sure why you would need that unless your making a note of something.

pretty much every app you could think of is useless when playing pixelmon and would argue that the only reason it was good/okay on D/P was the fact you weren't on a computer or need internet to play. you could look at stats or smaller apps to aid your journey.

just not sure if it's worth all the trouble for a fancy app. if you can prove me wrong then great we have a cool new feature to work with like the pokedex. which i'm assuming is how it will work where you push a hotkey to open the app gui.

as far how i think it would work if added. i'd hope it was small enough and out of the way when walking around and maybe draggable to move to a spot on your screen people are comfortable with. and possible color changes with dyes if you want to get fancy smancy