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Better Tools for Map Makers III (The Rivals)

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2016 22:02
by majesticmadman98
In compliance to forum rules, I'm keeping each suggestion separate. However they are all in the aid of more linear map makers.

The Rivals is an idea for the Trainer Editor, the rival would be added as a kind of "pokemon" so that they always have the stronger pokemon of the same gen/evo. So if the player chose charmander he'd fight with a squirtle but if another trainer had a grotle then the rival would have monferno. This means we can make balanced multiplayer in a linear game.

Other Better Tools for Map Makers Suggestions:

Like Game HMS: ... HM#p186948


The PokeChecker

The Rivals:

Multi Leveled Trainers:

Long Distance Battling:

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