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By Leyokii
#187490 It's great to have a selection of well known badges inside pixelmon, but why don't make a system to create our own?

It would fuction as the current external files for NPC's: A "badges" file would determine just the name an the sprite to use ingame inside the textures folder of a resourcepack and put that item inside the badge tab inside creative. An aesthetic "useless" item should be reather simple to implement (I don't know programing so it's just my guess) and would make servers able to open player gyms with their very own designed badges by just asking the users to download a resourcepack addon.


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By Jay113355
#187514 Unlikely. Also adding textures from the server would require a reload of the resource manager just like a resourcepack from the server does. And with forge and pixelmon a reload ends up locking my game long enough for the server to kick me for a network timeout. So it wouldn't work well for players with a slower computer like me.

Besides a mod that adds items/blocks from the server would better be a mod on its own. I think forge was trying to do something like this, they called it Project FAIL although the project hasn't really taken off yet (the irony)
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By RettoTheOtter
#193947 It'd probably work better as a side mod, one similar to Tinker's Construct. Have several base badges and construct them like banners/TC tools.
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By Waterdude
#193963 I may take a stab at fully customizable badges as a server and client sidemod, I have some interesting ideas on how I could make that work.
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By AnDwHaT5
#193972 Maybe use Json's for texture definitions and register them dynamically and servers just have to provide their badge packs or something? Good idea but I don't think many servers would use it since additional mods generally hurt servers. Though pixpack has helped with that.