By Krhymez
#185185 It would be really cool to have a block that you place on the ground, and makes it so if you dont have the set item... you cant pass.

Mainly i would use this for Badges and certain spots where in the game you needed a special item, like the the poke flute..ect

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By jsnbrown1989
#186822 Going to bump this and if we had favorites or stars I would give you one.

This not only has application in gym leader/e4 battles but also puzzles and etc.

I'm working on creating a series of puzzles for a side quest that will be using the unown blocks to give players coords to reach the final puzzle.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a barrier block to stop a player from starting that final puzzle until they have a certain set of items in their inventory?

Could be as simple as placing a block down and until a player has the certain set of item(s) they could not walk over it.

To create the barrier, the person in creative or op must put down the block and while standing on the block must type in /setbarrier

The application would be as usable as any other warp plate or arrow plate already in the game. Would be even nicer if it was transparent.
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By Haigen
#188435 So is there any way to do this currently? Even with commands?
Just curious if there's a way to currently teleport a player past a barrier if they have the item in their inventory.

But I would like to see what you've mentioned because it would be useful for creating the pathway to the elite four etc.
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By SKy2008
#188439 You can make a clock, checking for a certain item in a player's inventory in a certain radius. If the item is there it will replace the barrier blocks with air, if not it will set them back. If you do it right it shouldn't even cause any lag.