By grafikal
#178517 Any interests in having PCs also doubling as an Enderchest with a lot more space?
I thought it would be nice that when you access the PC you'd have a menu appear that you'd pick 'Organize Pokemon' or 'Organize Items', and maybe a 'Logout' option at the bottom. You can use the 'Organize Pokemon' box as the PC is used now. The 'Organize Items' option would just open up a large (either 2 double chests or open a multitab menu each 1 double chest in size) where you can store items.

Also, perhaps having this option available in the config.
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By bvanseghi
#179316 I second this idea, although I think it should be for Pokemon items ONLY. As in, equipable items by pokemon. Berries and such.

This "Ender PC" shouldn't correlate to the normal ender-chest, however. Meaning, only Ender-chests show Ender-chest storages, and only Ender PC's show Ender PC storages.

EDIT: Could you elaborate more on the acquisition of the Ender PC? Will it be where you upgrade a normal PC to it (much like a Ranch block) or will its entirely own thing?