By DonTheBreton
#174543 For servers where certain external moves conflict with the server's other mods or plugins, I think it would be incredibly valuable to have the ability to enable/disable external moves individually. Also the ability enable/disable forage separately from external moves.

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By MoeBoy76
#174546 from a server admin standpoint, they should be categorised into the following 3 categories:
1. World - moves that effect the terrain (eg Flame and Explosion)
2. Battle - moves that may cause battles to happen (eg Headbutt and Rock Smash)
3. Misc. - moves that don't fall into the above (eg Forage and Heal)
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By Varijon
#188476 I would love to see more configuration for the external moves, as we haven't been able to turn them on ever since they were added. Forage is quite important to get some of the harder to get evolution stones.

Unless a huge amount of external moves are planned to be added, I think individual toggles per move would be best, as each server might have different needs. I haven't actually tried most of these yet, just read the wiki entries.
My biggest concern is how/if they interact with claiming plugins in sponge etc.

My list of how I see the current external moves
Cut - Sounds handy, especially for removing looted grottos
Dig - If people ran around spamming that, I'd imagine the terrain would look horrible..
Explode - Kinda self-explanatory, a lot of servers even have tnt disabled
Fly/Teleport - Seems fine, except maybe the rare adventure server that doesn't want it
Forage - Important to get shards for moon/sunstone etc.
Heal - Seems fine
Light Fire - A gamerule can prevent fire ticks, but that would still leave permanent fire everywhere
Rock Smash - Seems fine
Thunder Bolt - Minecraft's thunder is audible across the entire map, would quickly grow old with many people online. It's also quite destructive in its item deleting functionality.

I obviously have some testing to do, but I would only want to use a specific few of the external moves on a public server personally.
While I don't seem that happy with the current selection of external moves, I do love the idea of giving your pokemon unique ways of helping. Kinda makes them more than just a way to fly/battle tools.