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By SKy2008
JamieS1211 wrote:they currently do a translation hop in code but limbs don't move. A translation hop is very easy but looks bad because the pokemon itself isn't moving. Also regards to particles, I was under the impression that what was really being requested was objects like leaves travelling from one pokemon to the other. If so that is fairly tough however if it is genuinely particles in the minecraft sense then it wouldn't be too bad.

The thing requested is only 2 particle effects:
1: A sparkle around the pokemon to show that it's charging an attack/suffering a status effect (think Ghastly's cloud)
2: Some particles flying from attacker to victim

Every used move starts with the 1st particle effect. Physical attacks would then do their little "hop" (however bad that may look). For special attacks this would be replaced by effect 2, symbolizing the projectile/energy wave/whatever shot at the opponent.

Both would use standard particles; one for each type - no special sprites or even models for each attack. Every Fire type move would use the same "fire" particle. Same goes for every other type...
These type particles could even be existing Vanilla particles - between the torch, bubble, redstone/ender, sparkle and potion-swirl particles and the possibility to give them any color there should be enough to represent any typing. Or if you want unique particles for every type give me a few minutes and I'll throw someting together...

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By LukeGreninja
#189374 I like this idea a lot. Just add the basic particle effects. (and maybe for the special it would be coloured the colour of its primary type)
But, what if...
if you could add your own paritcles and effects to your pokemon through some sort of separate file or something the devs could come up with like fans could make their own particle effects and share them online or give them to you. Just an idea. :-D