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By Rycory
#166781 So, the idea is this: The three moves types; Physical, Special, and 'Other' (as it's referred to on Serebii) would show different effects. So Physical would show the default tackle one, Special would show the tackle and a particle sparkle effect beam going to the opponent. While the 'Other' ones would show no tackle and a little poof of sparkles.

To make it maybe less intensive for people with lower performance computers, or computers that can't render particle effects well, they could toggle off with that option in the video settings, like the nether portal's ones.

I'd be something to fancy up battle a little, be optional, and help other people like me who sometimes forget what type a move is!

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By SKy2008
#166801 Very much this.
I posted this idea somewhere in the old suggestions area, but it seems no one saw it back then...
This version would add a huge ton of visual dynamic, as you'd see what kind of attack is used. At the same time this should be pretty easy to implement and can easily be applied to all existing and future Pixelmon and attacks.

To clarify the concept here in easy to follow:

Physical Attack:
- Charge Up: Attacker is surroundet by a short "sparkle" of particles
- Attacker jumps towards opponent

Special Attack:
- Charge Up: Attacker is surroundet by a short "sparkle" of particles
- A "beam"/"projectile" of particles is shot at the opponent

Self targeting Attack:
- A Charge Up animation around the user

Damage Ticks from status effects (Poison, Burn, Curse) or passive multiturn moves (Whirlpool, Wrap, Sandstorm):
- A Charge Up animation around the victim

The Particles used would be different for each element. We don't even need to make them, as Vanilla has enough that we could use: torch flame for fire, bubbles/drops for water and the others can easily be represented with potion swirls (grass, psychic, etc.) and redstone/ender particles (stone, poison, etc.) in the corresponding element's color.
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By Oisin
#166858 This sounds amazing! And it'd be easy enough to implement to, some servers have even done similar things with "Aura" Pokemon, which have certain particles around them
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By JamieS1211
#168298 skeletons are not universal so every move each pokemon can do would have to be animated separately for jumping. Particles less hard btu still hundreds of animations so files, models and rigs need to be done
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By Febilian
#168311 Pardon me if I'm incorrect; I thought that the Pokemon already did a hop/jump towards their opponent while attacking, without a special animation. I don't see why they couldn't just add the particles in addition to how it works now.
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By JamieS1211
#168320 they currently do a translation hop in code but limbs don't move. A translation hop is very easy but looks bad because the pokemon itself isn't moving. Also regards to particles, I was under the impression that what was really being requested was objects like leaves travelling from one pokemon to the other. If so that is fairly tough however if it is genuinely particles in the minecraft sense then it wouldn't be too bad.