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By Burgy
#88645 Just thought I needed to share my birthday present to Trigore.
It was a very short story about his birth.
Please also check out this video about him;

Let's begin.

[8:28:02 PM] Evan -lastname-: Today is a lamentous day. A woeful day.
Then day you were born.
See, I remember it like the back of my shoe. Your mom and dad were arguing yet again about the sheer amount of Nutella that your mom was consuming.
This was just a normal day in the Gore household
Your mom and dad gave up on the arguing and decided to go out for a walk. Your parents never really liked the roads or sidewalks; they always walked in alleys and finding new, deleted places to walk.
After about an hour, your mom's water broke! It was not the right time!
"Not here, not now, " thought your mom.

Then she remembered the certain time your parents had, not a month ago after arguing about Nutella, of course.
Anyone within a ten mile radius could probably hear her screams of pain.
Your dad decided not to call an ambulance and take things into his own hands. What handy guy.
But that was a bad idea, because that Amish mafia heard you.
And they ain't taking your shit.

The come over to see the miracle of life happening on the side of the road, in a ditch!
They take out their guns and shoot your dad in the back of the head and smash your mom's head on the ground.
They're ded
Bye bye
Forever miss you, Mr and Mrs Gore
But then!
You crawl out of the womb on your own, cut your imbellical cord and then!
You just eat the mafia whole
With your giant creature crusher jaws
You got em
You then used your little toy wheels and got back to town and you were pronounced.
Tri of the Gore family.
The Powerlord's Creature Crusher.
The end.
Happy birthday.
[2:53:02 PM] Trigore: ...
[2:53:03 PM] Trigore: LOL
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By Animalol
#89433 ...Burgy, keep the stories appropriate, please.
Fixed up the two inappropriate parts...
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