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By JetBlackScarab
#183211 [Disclaimer: These are actual events stories that happened throughout my play of the Pixelmon version stable in the 1.6.4 release for minecraft. As far as my preference in playing such a old model that's reserved for that any higher version and my server wouldn't function via craftbukket, economy, etc. But I make no failed attempt at playing the game legitimately on survival]

So a long time (3 years) ago I had set out this plot of land next to a beachfront to where I was going to make my own little settlement. I started cutting down trees making a fence to keep out any pokemon who attempted to come in and battle me. At the time I had only a low level Golett, one I was very excited to get out in the wild. He quickly became my starter pokemon at a level 12

But he helped me out for the most part in setting up a township and cultivating the land. As the town grew, so did Golett into a strong Golurk. As the foundation was made and I was able to expand the land further to the town portal I soon realized there was alot of landscaping I would need to do before I could make a nice town for myself.

So I began making Golurk help me transport alot of the rock/dirt we retrieved from the nearby mountain behind us. It was a pretty sizable amount taking quite a few days to do by hand. Thankfully we were able to get rid of it. By this time Golurk was strong enough to take down any enemy with Body Slam with ease.

Eventually, I used the rocks and dirt from the mountain to either sell at the market or make stone fences around the township. Making stone paths and even a fountain with the effort of how much stone we had cultivated.

It came down to a need more than a want. The fences I made and the stone path was not enough I needed more. So with the deposit from all the battles I had with Golurk I was able to craft some TnT and blow the mountain we had cultivated from to give me a nice big helping of stones.


Pockets loaded with stones we proceeded back home on Golurk's back when all of a sudden in the distance a Rayquaza appears out infront of us flying right over my house. My pockets heavy with stones than pokeballs I only had a Ultraball on me. And the only pokemon able to handle Rayquaza was letting me ride on his back to fly.

We blasted towards the Rayquaza hoping to catch a lead on him and with a hopeful groan I toss the ultraball at it. I was successful at hitting it. I couldn't see where the ultraball had went but the seconds lasted a life time. I counted down...




And nothing, I had missed my opportunity. Its something that I'll never forget after being down in the cavity of that mountain and coming out after taking a load of stones to see such a rare sight fly over my house. Something I'll never probably ever see again. but it showed me something.

The effort I had put into Golurk being a Golett, I reflected back on I had him do for me. A bastion of hope for me when I needed to go home to eat, heal the rest of my team, or protect all the other young and weak pokemon I claimed. I really appreciated him more for not what he was but what he does.

A Rayquaza comes once in a blue moon but a friend like Golurk comes once in a lifetime.