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By PikaChooks123
#172934 Once upon a time.. There was a Pixelmon Trainer named Jack! He was in this new Gen called Wapilo! There was loads of Pixelmons in there. There were cool starters! Graslon (Grass) Fanooki (Fire) Lanooki (Water) Jack has not decided. But once.. In a big building. There was a Primape destroying all the glass with a Pidgeot! Jack didn't know what to do! He rushed back into the lab and chose Graslon. Jack rushed back into the building. "Go Graslon!" Jack said. Graslon was a Vine Pixelmon so it made a big vine to top of the tower. The wild Primape fell off and landed on someone's Wailord. And the wild Pidgeot flew away. Jack found another Pixelmon trainer named Richard. Richard chose Fanooki. "Hey! We can be friends!" Said Richard. "Ok! Let's battle first!" Replied Jack. Both Pixelmon trainers sended out their pokemon to battle. "Fanooki use Ember!" Then Fanooki used ember but Graslon Dodged it by going high in the air using vine whip. Graslon Whipped Fanooki and Fanooki got back into Richard. They both sended back in their Pixelmon "Great battle" They both said.

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