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By BlazingPrimeape101
#148167 This story I have made, thought over and more. ENJOY! :-)

It was 7:42 in the morning, in a region called the Rancha Region. And I, Damien Ketchum, was turning 10 years old. The age, were, you can have your first pokemon. I knew who I would pick, you see, we only have the Sinnoh starters here, so I was even more excited, because I knew who i would pick... CHIMCHAR! The greatest pokemon ever! A Fire Type! Amazing wasn't it! I rushed down stairs, where my mum said "Damien! Your up! Happy Birthday! And I'm sure you know that today, you get your first pokemon! Of course I know that! Now, off I go! I was walking around Venduli Town, when I reached the lab. "Hi professor Douglas!" I said to him, as happy as can be. Then I saw something. THERE WERE NO POKEBALLS LEFT. He said, "Your late, where out of pokemon." i was heartbroken, like imagine if one billion shards of glass pierced your joy. Now triple that. That's how sad I was. "i have one left though." And he pulled out a pokeball, in there, was a small lion. They call this lion Shinx. "He's rarer then one of the other starter pokemon. And Chimchar you can catch in the wild. So there's nothing to fret about." Douglas said. I decided he was right. I would have to make do. Anyway, Shinx's are so cute! And a Luxray is powerful! Maybe this won't be so bad.

To be continued...

EDIT: Chapter 2: Route 501 will be out on 16th of March (AUS) 8-) DEAL WITH IT

EDIT EDIT: Chapter 2: Route 501 will be out on 17th of March (AUS) 8-) DEAL WITH IT