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By freddycooger
#144912 So.. a few days ago we were hunting Butterfrees. Yes, its a bad sport but the thrill is unbeatable. We all have our catching licenses, what we do is entirely legal. Anyway, a few days ago, hunting Butterfrees with the crew, we spotted this small mouse Pixelmon.. I swear it looked just like a Raichu but somehow entirely different. It was more... how can I say this.. It was more surreal. At first I wasn't sure what exactly it was that I was seeing but here it is, before me. Do I doubt my own eyes? No, they are the only thing that cannot lie to oneself. Though eyes may be deceitful from time to time, they are always truthful, but sometimes misinterpreted. This was not misinterpreted, I see the Pixelmon before me. With the body of an average Raichu but the Aura of a true celestial being, it was.. Legendary. Before me was a being of inexplicable splendor, just being in its presence filled me with a sense of adventure and curiosity. I was content. Then a small breeze blew through.. disrupting my concentration along with my connection to the being. Devastation flooded through me as I realized I had lost sight of the creature. I threw my head around with a sense of urgency and with a desperate thought of greed I threw my Pokeball into the grass.. Not thinking about what I was doing. Nothing happened for a while, then a single word was chiseled into my thoughts. At first I wasn't sure how I was functioning, nothing seemed to be quite wrong with me other than this suffocating word in my head. I couldn't say it, my mind refused to speak it, then understanding filled me, a name! It was a name! And I spoke. "Terachu"

It was Terachu