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#143034 Well I was walking around one day, chilling in my lil Minecraft Village with the Villagers, the homeboys. We we're at the tavern, discussing the weekly captures. When Kenny the villager told me of a new Pixelmon. He called it Terachu. At first we were all skeptical, a new Pixelmon Kenny? They would've mentioned this on the forum right? Well this isn't the first time Kenny has made up a crazy story, he used to tell us about this Magikarp he caught years ago but that's another story for another time. Terachu, the myth, Kenny tells us of its legendary moveset. He tells of its Pokedex Number being '888' and all this is just to much for my crew and I to take it at once. We had to break, decided to reconvene first sign up light the next morning. We were going to find this Terachu. We found it. It took several days of searching far and wide. Hours and hours of straining our eyes, surveying the land before us thoroughly, we found the Terachu. The lord Terachu. I didn't want to believe it, I wanted to doubt Kenny but still, I was staring at it. THERE WAS NO DENYING WHAT WAS BEFORE ME! This was without a doubt a Terachu. Painted devils do haunted guilty men but this is no guilt nor devil. This is real... the Terachu lives and he lives on in all. May good luck come to you, may you be graced to witness the beasts presence. May you be honored with its dissension before you. Gracefully the Terachu is so, nigh impossible to catch as it doesn't want to battle. My advice? Don't give up.