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By bosvan2014
#141842 This story has been on my mind for a while, but its time I released it to the public.

Intro: The virus called Pokerus, able to boost the EV training process, has been a beloved tool for ages... but no one said it would stay this way.

Team Genesis sought to prove that. What they could not gain through battle, Pokemon, they could gain through biological warfare. Thus, Pokerus X was formed, a deadly strain of the virus that turns Pokemon pure evil, and much more powerful. It could change skin colour, behavior, and even go as far as changing the host Pokemons type(s).

War rages between the infected Pokemon and the intact ones, but the infected prove too powerful to control. It was the beginning of a dark time of the Pokemon world...



- This was originally going to be a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, but lack of capable resources prevented this.

- During early development, a sketch of an infected mewtwo was made, the colors being red=purple and black=white/very light pink, and the type was PSYCHIC/DARK

- During early development, a sketch of an infected Garchomp was made, the colors being blue=black, white=light blue, and orange/yellow=light blue, and the type was ICE/DRAGON

- The gameplay was berry trees increased population, while you needed to build shrines for each type to get certain types. Legendaries where heroes that could be summoned, and multiplayer would have been introduced, one team being normal colored, another shiny, and another Pokerus X colored (but no Pokerus X effects).
You would have been able to only bring TWO of EACH type into battle (Double types counting as one for the primary type alone). The builder is your trainer. Some pokemon, such as mew, needed to be unlocked after doing a certain event such as beating the campaign on hard. Paralyzed Pokemon moved slower, frozen didnt move at all, the other affects are self explanatory.

- Plans to restart development may begin some time in the near future, but support would be needed to jumpstart it.

- Thanks for reading!