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By Vikerus
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My Peace

My name is Joshua. I have fond memories of my past as a child. Growing up I never had to experience the harsh lessons of fear or pain. I thank my parents for this, for letting me and my brothers grow up away from hardship. For overcoming their own hardships to bring an easier life to us. What I have to say is as I see it, the truth which I can no longer keep behind closed doors.


The world was meant to be a place of wonder and our lives should be reflecting that. To have fun and live in peace. Together there is no problem that won't be solved. In today's reality there should be no person left to fall by the wayside. It is not needed to be this way.
There are many problems facing the human life today. Before anything will be fixed, each person must find it within themselves to want a change. Peace will not bloom from the actions outside of us for peace is a personal thing. If one wishes to sow it one must first create it for oneself, a person truly at peace from an inner grounding will in all their actions create it in normal interactions with others.


I know now why the world has bloomed the way it did. To share this insight, I need the reader to please first keep an open heart. What I'm going to share will make some angry, others very sad. We must keep our calm so that our next actions can be at peace with what is wished for the world. Peace. For that to be, there has to be forgiveness. I do not say this to bring judgment. The world as we know it moves to a system of controlled chaos. Or rather, we do. One can argue that we are too many to control or direct. But the fact of the matter is that collectively what is made around us affects our perceptions in this world. There is an understanding of this in the minds of many leaders. The trespass came when methods for creating a change in favor of selfish gain were born in the creations of man and dissemination of information to all or a few.
Many ideas and aspirations seem wondrous at first and even as beneficial to the whole. But we each are living our own lives. To say that one way forward is better than another is to leave someone behind or enslave them in a construct that is not their own. Our parents are sold ideas by corporations and groups of greedy men. We are born into a system that is no longer our own because of this. Man and Woman are not made to live by a solitary circle, to say that we are not free to dream and to live by those dreams is false. We are not made to work for one another. That is a monetary system that we must all learn to overcome.
Many problems face each generation. The ever increasing need for energy. The need for water and food in abundance. The need for resource and shelter. The economic system that has grown from these needs isn't and never was meant to be under control. Rather through the wisdom and knowledge of man we could see these problems as individually solvable. To be sold the ideas and systems means we are complacent in the unknown known being forced upon us. That is to say, while we don't know what really is behind the solution, its creator does understand its effects. We are all then made subject to that reality and not free to create our own fixes.
An example of this is the dumping of chemicals into the oceans to quell oil leaks. The very logic behind this heinous action is flawed. But rather than working together to find the right way to clean it up, we are forced to let a company sell its product to another to dump said chemical into an already struggling eco-system. It fixes nothing and leaves the problem to the children to fix. The internet is a much needed tool in today's society, for it offers the chance for actual solutions to be made together. The ideal ones being apparent to the whole. But those who see the opportunity to cloud the dissemination of this information have done so for ages, confusing and ruining the hopes of man with their own lack of restraint from greed. When you are able to confuse the truth with the ideas of greed the world is cheapened. In turn, our very futures are put at risk.
For eternity the child has needed a mother and father to teach what is safe. This guidance is crucial to a healthy grounding. Our need for leaders is born from that same need. But today leaders are made from the examples of past leaders. This is the unending flaw we all are put through as a result. Rather than being taught to find the truth from within a leader is shown the examples from before. Though the idea might be to show what to avoid. No example, as I see it, is worthy of following. Each being is born with a morality, that morality is quickly divided between humanly understanding and higher understanding. When they are to be one.
The value in kindness is apparent to anyone who practices it. But this is one of the virtues that we divide. On one hand we are shown the kindest beggar and the other a cunning business man wealthy and fat. This is what greed has done to us. It is not wrong to want more. It is not wrong to want nothing. But it is wrong to betray another in the pursuit of profit. Kindness takes many forms. No matter the face worn, an action which is done in greed will produce an unkind result for another. War is not ever going to fix the lives of man. It will only raze what progress has been made and leave us deeper in our failings. The leaders of today are not taking this into account. Or, if they are, they are failing us all. Our leaders are lobbied into office so they may pass laws that benefit a few rather than the whole.
Each of us have choices to make in life. Mine I have been careful with. I have come to a point where I can no longer accept the peace of this world as it is. I can no longer say "I am fine, so the world is fine." For me there is no way to move forward without the freedom of all. With this freedom comes my own. I stand before a gate, a moral gateway that demands the truth of me. And the truth is: We are no longer living freely. I am no longer living freely. The reasons are many and I intend to make them clear before the end. But to fix what is broken the self must first be made whole. We are born perfect. Let no one convince you otherwise. But we are not born knowing how to express it. This is where the dividing of man’s morality comes in. There is no situation that does not have a fair outcome. It is what we accept as fair that blocks what we see as such. In the dealings with others around us we have the opportunity to share a peace.
A tolerance for diversity is where one can begin. Accept those around you with a neutral understanding that they are as they are because they have wished to be so. Trust that others wish to be at peace in this world. Know this and you will be free from anger and mistrust. Live by it and you will free others from anger and mistrust. You will see around you what is true and untrue. But when abusive actions are brought to you know that you have the grounding, the power. To refuse such reality. If one wishes to abuse they will. And you will have the choice, do you wrong them? Do you ignore them? Do you correct them? I would hope that the only real choice is to make peace, is to share that peace. Forgive them and leave what is untrue to rot and be purified by your examples of kindness. In this way you remain tolerant and also untouched. But perhaps you have given the other the chance to see where peace comes from. And from there miracles are possible.
Anger is not a bad thing. But rather a flame that lets us see outward. With it one can blind reality or make it clearer. It can burn you or melt the ice that prevents your progression in life. The real trick is being patient in those times. To not feed the circle of anger or mistrust. See beyond that and understand where the anger truly comes from. It is our own faltering of grounding. And when you see it. You will know what wrongs you would do and are then free to do right. Free to correct the thoughts that betray your own peace. Don't dwell in anger but let it pass and in turn let yourself be free of it. As well as those around you.
Love is something we share at all times with all others. It can't be taken away or given. It is our connection born through common ancestry. While you can betray it you will never break it. The world has become a place where ignoring this fact is easier then accepting it. Because if one is to accept it they must accept that all are equal. All are a part of your peace and wellbeing. You can ignore this and betray yourself and others. But in the end it is not possible to be free of it. If one can learn to accept the love all can share then the world will begin to shine with wonder. And we will lift ourselves to heights that none would wish to see torn down.
The destiny of humanity is not to die alone but to grow together. No matter how far one might go away from the whole, one is always a part of the whole. There is no time limit. There is no wrong way. No one is imperfect. For one is always oneself. Let no one label you. The totality of humanity is divine in nature, we are a miracle of life blooming eternal. So be it and show it. If you wrong another, you wrong yourself.
First and foremost, greed is what has brought us to our lowest points. It will drive a man to kill. It will drive a man to wrong the world. It will let slavery be born from the actions of a few. It is what we must all do away with. There is a large difference from greed and want. You can't take a greedy action and then take it back. It is something that will poison efforts in the future should you look to make peace from it. One doesn't need to be wholly selfless to express fairness. There are many ways of sowing your own wealth without the ideals of greed. It starts with your respect for others. When you understand we are all equal there is no reason to take greedy actions. Because the whole is looking to gain just as you are. Work together in peace and abundance is a side thought. It will bloom from your actions as naturally as flowers grow in a field.
I hope for those who have read this, some grounding has been made or noticed within. What I see being born into the world I know has been there since the beginning. War and Violence are not needed. I am nearly at a loss for words when considering the damage they cause. But we must move on. If you have killed, you have taken life and betrayed it. If you have caused killing you have done the same. That is all I'll say of that. You will know what damage you have caused in time.
Our world is going through a very special moment in human evolution. We are quickly becoming exposed to each other's truths and are tested by them nearly daily. But life is not a test. Life is our collective will to be with one another. And what a beautiful place to be! Look at the world and consider it as a whole. We are all blessed in a way to be here. To live among this wonderful habitat. To see beauty as it is. That is a gift we are born with. Try not to let the failings of each other cloud what wonder is here already. In it we can lift ourselves from the depths of despair just by appreciating the world around us.
We are faced soon with our own ability to destroy ourselves. To give up shouldn't be an option. We owe it to ourselves and the world we live in to sow peace in a more open future; to find the truth and see the solutions that are to be found and set us free. Don't consider the idea of entropy for it is false. Science works on the foundation that a system can somehow be removed from the whole and only effect itself. This is a fallacy. While we might better learn to move about in this universe through it, it is not the totality of truth. Hold in your heart the wonder of new possibilities and there will be new things! Dream a better world and it is possible! Then share this dream. Test your idea to the might of truth and see if it stands, if not, so what? You can and will change it as you see the effects it might have. Remember to respect all life and what you create will be respectful.

The World

There is a time in every person’s life where they look out upon the world and notice the problems it has quite clearly. The hardships created through sectarian thinking are some of the worst. You can't fight for one thing and not put the other down; it's not a wholesome way of solving anything. Woman is not better then Man, Man is not better then Woman. We are equally as gifted.
Religion is a great way to build a moral compass. But a horrible way to fashion a good life for all. I won't accept any one way as the full truth because I see some truth in everything. The totality of beings is not represented fully without consideration of all. Organizations which seek to make the world or other’s lives their own should heed this message. If any one person is made to suffer another’s reality and not let free of it, that system is abusive. And everyone knows it. The will of peace can't be halted. Freedom is made by the collective will of the people. We will have it.
Testing on human populations must end. No one is a lab rat. If this continues we will be thrown into a world where we must live by the slavery of science to continue life. Science has its place but it should never be seen as higher than human morality. Scientist should take it to heart. Ethics before experiments. We do not put on others our experiments. The subject of genetic modification calls into question the collective morality of peoples of science. We have unleashed an experiment we must now live through. That is a form of forced slavery. To make real my concerns I will tell you my worry for humanity in this respect. One day a company might actually breed a human, due to the laws in place it is more than possible for that company to then argue that they own the human. This can be taken a step farther. If a GMO food is produced and given to the whole of humanity, with its effect being an addition of something to the genes of humans, that company might try to argue that it owns a piece of everyone and in turn everyone's profits. This is already happening to farmer’s crops across the world. But let’s consider something more disturbing for those who don't or can't fathom the severity of this issue. One day a company might try to say it owns the rights to DNA collected from blood donations. If that company then clones people from that DNA, while this might be seen as immortality, the reality is much different. It becomes slavery of a soul. For that person is then a product of a company and a company as it states in today's law must turn a profit. Then what are we but cattle? Those who are hopeful for the future should realize that the progression of science could drastically outpace the morality of humans. If we do not stop this from happening we might not have a chance at our own future. Patents on life have to end. They are an affront on humanity and life itself.
Our environment can't be taken for granted any longer, if we don't start finding solutions to clean up as we go, the health of man will be impossible to maintain. The earth will become a place that doesn't support our kind. And, in fact, might not support animal life as we know it. A "carbon tax" is the worst idea. This doesn't do anything. It just puts off the effects like debt. You can't just legislate the world clean. All it will do is create another system of control in our lives. The solutions are more than possible. But we should be careful not to go too far in any one direction or we will find ourselves in the same place we are with oil. Adaption is the key here and each solution should be in balance with the environment it is to be made to work in. Our needs for energy won't stop growing but we can make things more efficient and learn to diversify the sources. This is how we make a stable change.
Water isn't something we should be letting companies own. Water is what we are made of largely. At the base we are mostly carbon. So the idea of a tax on it is worrisome considering the way lawyers are defending ideas which are inhumane. If we allow the rights to public sources of water to be privately owned we run the risk of losing our right to have it. Water should be made pure, it should be publicly owned and at all times be the highest priority for safety standards. Same with our Air, and Soil. These things sustain our lives. Consider for a moment what might happen if we are not careful to prevent pollution on a mass scale. Better systems of waste management must be in place.
The free flow of information is a building block of society. If these routes break down we will all suffer the effects of fractured knowledge. We would all do well to create our own networks which are publicly owned and audited by real IT professionals. This would prevent companies from censoring our information and from altering the openness of the internet. While keeping the network free from government intrusion. Tracking is a large part of the issue and must be done away with. Surveillance must end. There will be no trust with it. There can be no peace in it.

Please feel free to respond or ask questions. You don't have to agree with everything in here. Remember that this is from my own heart and feelings.