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By benNmacie
#124652 you all know about the story of Red, but this is an alternate universe the untold story
I heard the pidgeys chirping far off in the distance it was a chill morning the harsh winter was just coming to an end and summer would be here again. I still remember the sweet smell of poffins my mother would make in the morning, but that was long ago, before the fire, the destruction. Lets go back let me tell you what really happened.
I woke up to the smell of sweet poffins knowing my mother was baking me some sweets for today i turned 10 and i am of age to recieve my first pokemon! my father named me Red in hopes for me to burn like a fiery passion and turn my ambitions true. I promised myself i would live up to my name, i already know who i shall choose charmander the fire type will help me achieve my dreams.
I went downstairs to greet my mother and with a hug and kiss on the cheek i thank her for the sweets, she asks me are you ready to get your first pokemon today? Red"of course i am mom, i have been waiting for this day forever.
mom"well you better hurry before your late red.
i left in a hurry excited to recieve my starter and to be on my journey, i arrived at Prof. Oak's lab and what do you know Blue is there, we used to be friends but over time we grew apart and were more as rivals now.
Blue"hey Red arriving late as always huh?
Red"ha come on, i got here before you did
Blue" pshh sure, well smell ya later im off to get my first pokemon!
i hurried on after blue to meet up with Prof. Oak
Oak "welcome blue,red i have been waiting for you unfortunately i do not have time to explain much to you right now, but here infront of you are 3 pokeballs one contains charmander, the other bulbasaur, and squirtle.
Blue " im not greedy like you red you can pick first
i already knew what i was going to choose from the start Red "i already knew my choice before i got here my choice is charmander my father named me red in hopes my ambitions would burn like a fiery passion.
Blue" well then i choose squirtle not because my name is blue but because you choose fire so squirtle would be stronger then your choice, well anyways see ya gramps im off smell ya later Red.
that was just like blue to blow out like that, i bid my farewells to Prof. Oak as he asked me to reture in a few days for a quest which he wanted me to accomplish.
On my way home i noticed a fire, and thought to myself i hope no one's hurt. and it hit me that the fire was coming from my home! I ran as fast as i could to make it home and what i saw shocked me to the bone,
my mother was outside of our home on the ground behind her our home burning, and a man was standing in front of her, I recognized him it was Giovanni from team Rocket my father had talked about him alot when i was young. i charged forward yelling to let my mother go! and he turned around and sent out his rhyhorn.
Red "go charmander i choose you!! Giovanni"rhyhorn use horn attack! before i could tell charmander to dodge he has attacked i tried running to him but some goons came and knocked me out, when i awoke charmander was gone... so was my mother and Giovanni.
Now you know my story up to this point i dont know where to go from here, but i do know one thing, i must find my mother and save my pokemon. First things first i must go see Prof. Oak

let me know if anyones interested in more,i love writing and building my servers