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By IdeasMen123
#121059 Would it help if I changed the color to something else?
1Charak2 wrote:its getting good just the purple mess's with my vision
By 1Charak2
#121060 yes yes it would
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By IdeasMen123
#122618 I finally took the time to clean out Chapter 1 and 2, making more sense and removing traces of "awkward" parts and oddly written sentences. Tomorrow I'll do the same with the rest of the chapters, then fulfill my promise and change the talking parts with a different color. Then finally with a new chapter! We're going to get into "The Dream World" where the plot will take more place.
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By IdeasMen123
#122741 Phew, Finally cleaned up the whole story and made the story way straighter then before. Patched up confusing parts and removed misused adjectives and replacing them with more proper ones. Will start the next chapter tomorrow and then will change the talking color.
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By IdeasMen123
Fatcookieninja » 17 May 2014 22:17 wrote:wow

Wow indeed!
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By IdeasMen123
#134403 I sincerely apologize for leaving this story un-finished, it's been months since I've checked back, and it's unbelievable that this thread has over 1400 views, the highest view count in the story section! It means a lot that people actually like this (or view it) So I'm coming back and finishing this story, book, whatever you wanna call it, and update it as much as possible, be sure to give me feedback as it always helps and helps me to know that people are still eagered for the rest of the story to unfold! Cya tomorrow with a bunch of new chapters!
By ascentfretful
IdeasMen123 wrote:A simple story. Books are a big thing in my hobbys, and they soon grab you and inspire you to make your own books/storys.
So I made this simple story, inspired by the Eragon series, The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Rings series. MY IGN is Karateboy223 btw.

Into The World: Chapter 1: The Start
My mother and father have just left in search of trade men in the village called Volcan, buying whatever they can of our months worth money. So I decided to roam the forest again. People say that I have a over grown curiosity for the world, for Earth. But really I feel like everybody else, normal. As I started walking on the rough, dirt road. I heard a tiny noise, like a windy bush, I heard no nearer then four feet in front of me. I readied my pocket knife for any danger, but after a whole minute, it was silent. I did not move, of course, in fear that that's what the enemy anticipated me to do, to loose cautiousness. However all trace of "enemy" left my thoughts when a little squirl popped out of the bush. It sniffed the ground, and looked up at me, twitching it's little nose. I smiled, put my pocket knife away, and kept walking. After hours roaming the forest, I headed home where my mother was, looking red faced on the porch. She had her hands covering her face, crying. She looked up at me when my footsteps were obviously heard-able, saw my concerned face, and said "Oh Matthew." And told me everything. That was the day when I declared the world has finally betrayed me, taking my fathers life away was when I finally saw the world of how it was, instead of how I "thought" it was. The tragedy went on in my thoughts and dreams, how a man came up to my father and gave him a beaten, of course not without facing my fathers excellent fighting skills. However he was no match to the man who supposedly killed him, as I was told with all the people telling me tons of details about the fight. The murderer dragged my father body away, whether dead or unconscious, and vanished. He was at a bakery, only he and the baker were there, until of course the murderer came along. No one knew why he took my father away, but the baker said the man wanted his "blood" is what the murderer kept screaming.
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If I get a lot of positive responses and positive votes on the poll, I'll continue this! This is not Minecraft related btw.

Love this story!!!! :cry: